Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Abusus non tollit usum( Злоупотребата не изключва употребата)

Born not in the wrong time.
Born in the wrong body.
Don't ask from me to scream it out.
Because everything will go black.
Will you drink blaze from my breast?
Will you swim in my sea of pitch?
Will you wake up every morning with the twilight?
Can you live in the dark circle?
There is nothing possible.
No robe hold the Universe.
Can you have me and hold me?
Can you eat your dinner with the shadows of the damned faces?
Can you breath with sewn eyes?
It have been too long wrong to fight it.
Can you orintate only by the lightning?
I can kill you.
But if you drink me i can show you my world.

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