Sunday, August 12, 2012

2 weeks in Morocco are not enough



Sahara desert

Ready for a camel ride?

Sahara desert

Nomadic tribes living in the desert

Sinset in the desert- beauty beyond words

The desert is like the ocean or the sea for me. It brings the feeling of freedom and just sitting around and watch it you understand that there is something bigger that you, than your small world, something that words can not reach. In this moments I feel so connected with the universe and every living part of it. Everyone should once in a life try to dive in the warm arm of the desert. And moreover to be so far from your home alone is so powerful sensation, now I know that I am strong enough to fight the battles in life.  Because I already won the biggest battle -this with my self. Battle for the life! 

Some pictures from O.Z.O.R.A. festival 2012

Can you feel the love?

  The question is not in the psychedelic nature of the world, but can you see it .

Dragon nest

The mushrooms field- free mushrooms for everybody 

Main stage

Who need a bath- we have The mud 

Everyone should expereince Ozora once in a life

Pretty creepy is to be part of nothing.

 Don't believe what they are teaching us in schools
that life is hard and truth is ugly.

If you open enough to find the truth,
you will see that it is the most amazing thing.
And your life will be walking trough the haven.

Allow happiness to come

O nce when I couldn't understand the moon
Z oom in the darkest part of my soul
O ccur to me that I am the moon, the sky, the world
R each out the universe and become one
A llow myself to be happy, free, in peace

Have you ever felt free to be yourself ?
Have you ever felt some much love from strangers ?
Have you ever felt the peace coming from the mind of all creatures around ?
Have you ever been so happy, that you can wear this feeling like the most beautiful dress ?
Have you ever been so shiny that even the sky want to touch you ?
Have you ever felt more amazing, tempting atmoshpere ?
Have you ever felt like home on place seen for first time ?
Have you ever touch so many people with your smile ?
Have you ever met so many happy spirits ?
Have you ever felt so responsible for your life ?
Have you ever realise that they are many like you ?
Have you ever felt that to be strange is not strange ?
Have you ever dance from morning to evening to morning ?
Have you ever kissed so soft white lips ?
Have you ever felt like part of the universe,part of every person ?